Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

The first step towards becoming a real part of the local music scene is recording your own peice. Whether this be for casual purposes or if you're looking to put yourself out there and attract a fanbase, you are going to have a LOT of options in terms of which studio to record sound with. There are a lot of recording studios in Hull and each offer slighty different environments in which to record.

The process can often be an intimidating one where you have to transition from playing the piano at home whenever you felt like it to having to perform at your best under pressure. At Piano Lessons Hull, we believe that the best recording studios for our students are ones which combine a professional facility with trying to create an informal and relaxed atmosphere. Below are some of the studios in the city which tick both boxes!

A.O.O Studios

A.O.O studios is a cosy recording studio within a residential property with purpose designed redecorated rooms and plenty of relaxation space.. They are fully armed with a top quality tech setup to engineer the perfect sound capture and have experienced sound engineers at the ready to take you through the process. The rates here are very competetive and the building has an informal home feel to it, which plays a big part in you feeling comfortable and being able to deliver a performance that you'll be proud of when you hear your music through a pair of headphones. A.O.O studios are worth a shot and are held in high regards by the people of Hull.

A.O.O Studios, Luton Road, Hull, HU5 5AJ.

Telephone: 07786 654634


Warren Records

Warren Records are a rather unique recording studio. They are part of the Warren Young People's Project which runs a free resource centre in Hull for people ages 16-25. They are equipped with a recording studio, rehearsal room and their own record label. They support the young people of Hull and the local music scene and do an admirable amount of work for the development of young artists and pointing them in the right direction to kick off a career in music.

This recording studio is FREE to 16-25 year olds and takes booking on the first working day of every month. As you would expect, recording slots fill up quickly and so you'll need to be organised to be able to book a recording slot. The recording equipment here may not be as flashy and expensive as the top of the end professional suites of Hull but it certainly does the job and is perfect for those unable to afford the expense of recording with a costly recording studio.

The Warren of Hull Ltd, 47-49 Queens Dock Avenue, Hull, HU1 3DR.

Telephone: 01482 218115



Reelsound have over 25 years of mobile recording experience in Hull and have recorded for all sorts of clients including television, conference and voiceover sound capture. They specialise in music recording however and are highly sought after by large choirs looking to capture every note in the highest quality possible. Reelsound are quite unique as a recording company as they do not have their own premises. They operate by recording in purpose-selected locations perfect for sound capture and with all their experience will be able to share with you some of these locations for you to record at. Get in touch with them and find out more about what they offer! 

Reelsound, 176 Victoria Avenue, Hull, HU5 3DY.

Telephone: 01482 474054

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