Music Shops in Hull

Music Shops in Hull

At Piano Lessons Hull our students are always talking about the newest instruments and accesories and where they can get their hands on them. Each student is often in a different situation either financially or whether they want to buy a new piano completely or just exchange and upgrade. Piano Lessons Hull have found two suitable Piano retailers which should have everyone covered - whatever their needs!

Gough and Davy

Gough and Davy provide a few services including instrument exchange and second-hand piano sales as well as selling some of the newest set of keys on the market. They're a well established business and one of the oldest in the country that everyone in Hull knows whether they've stepped inside the shop door or not! Gough and Davy also stock Keyboards and Digital Pianos, so those with a little less space or cash can purchase a quality instrument that will allow them to learn the instrument and music they love! 

Gough & Davy, Under the City Hall, 13 Paragon Street, Hull, HU1 3NA.

Telephone: 01482 326525


Michael Lawrence Ltd

Michael Lawrence Ltd are a music sales and renovation hybrid and have been in the trade for over 25 years. The Hull-based family business has over 200 years of experience over the generations and is home to some of the countries top piano technicians. They also stock other instruments here such as guitars and keyboards but they specialise in pianos, providing services such as tuning to full-reconditioning and second-hand piano sales - meaning those strapped for cash can still own a quality piano which has been maintained to a professional standard. Michael Lawrence is a gem of a store and is a must visit!

Michael Lawrence Ltd, 497-499 Hessle Road, Hull, HU3 4UD.

Telephone: 01482 219536


Learn in a way that suits you

I strive to help my students learn the way they want, whether that be individual songs you would like to know how to play or by exploring a genre of music through a course of individually tailored piano lessons.

I have a holistic approach to teaching the piano, helping my students gain a well rounded understanding of the instrument and how to play it, including being able to read music and gain an understanding of music theory. With the majority of my students learning for their own enjoyment I always make sure my lessons are fun!

To arrange your first piano lesson or if you would like to find out more about my piano tuition, give me a call on 03458 693391.

I strive to help my students learn the way they want, playing the music that they are passionate about in a comfortable, friendly environment that will enable them to succeed.

Professional Piano Tuition All Genres taught, All Ages and Abilities Welcome, Classical & Contemporary Styles Covered