Piano Lessons in Hull

Piano Lessons in Hull

Piano lessons are a great way of helping you to focus on something other than the normal busy routine of life. They are a "third area" that is neither your work, nor your home life, giving you time to enjoy something for yourself while aquiring new skills. It is this aquisition of knowledge that motivation experts, like Anthony Robins, cite as critical to happiness - indeed, it enables you to grow as an individual no-matter what stage of life. Therefore, playing a musical instrument can be one of the best things that you can do to improve your happiness and productivity, not to mention the joy you can bring to others by playing music.

I have found from experience that many of my pupils love getting immersed in a piece of music during our lesson, finally enabling them to relax from their worries outside the classroom, meaning that they go home with a positivity that helps them re-focus on their life. Piano lessons are also a great tool for young students to build up self-confidence, musical understanding and social skills. For more information about my piano lessons don't hesitate to get in touch.

Learn in a way that suits you

I strive to help my students learn the way they want, whether that be individual songs you would like to know how to play or by exploring a genre of music through a course of individually tailored piano lessons.

I have a holistic approach to teaching the piano, helping my students gain a well rounded understanding of the instrument and how to play it, including being able to read music and gain an understanding of music theory. With the majority of my students learning for their own enjoyment I always make sure my lessons are fun!

To arrange your first piano lesson or if you would like to find out more about my piano tuition, give me a call on 03458 693391.

I strive to help my students learn the way they want, playing the music that they are passionate about in a comfortable, friendly environment that will enable them to succeed.

Professional Piano Tuition All Genres taught, All Ages and Abilities Welcome, Classical & Contemporary Styles Covered