Famous Musicians from Hull

Famous Musicians from Hull

Hull is a relatively small city yet has produced some very accomplished artists and some big names within the music industry. At Piano Lessons Hull, it would be the pinnacle of your music teacher's career to see you go on to become successful artists or part of a band. Listed below are some of the success stories of famous musicians of the city which we hope inspire you to dream about and work towards success!

The Paddingtons

The Paddingtons are an Indie Rock group and formed in the early 2000's. They were very active in the live music scene between 2005 and 2007 and played at festivals including T in The Park and the Reading and Leeds Festivals, which were highlights of a 150-show long spell they had! They made their name playing in some of Hull's most renowned venues such as the Adelphi Club and Piano Lessons Hull would like you to note how they had to climb the ladder that is the music industry, performing at small gigs in the city before achieving any success! This could be you if you are an aspiring solo artist or band member so you should think about putting a performance together and delivering it to the local people!

Everything But The Girl

Everything But The Girl were a music duo that had success for almost 20 years throughout the 1980's and 1990's. They were renowned for pushing the boundaries of music genres and writing and performing songs in over 8 different genres of music (and being successful!). They had a number of successful singles including the remix of the track 'Missing' which reached top ten charts around the world and number 2 in the US Charts! 

 The Beautiful South

The Beautiful South were a pop-rock group founded in Hull in the late 80's by two previous members of 'The Housemartins'. They picked up a number of female vocalists during their tenure of success and over time with a lot of hard work and persistance went on to sell over 15 million records worldwide. Their first taste of success came in 1989 with the single 'Song For Whoever' which peaked at number 2 in the UK Singles Chart, with a number one being achieved in 1990 with their hit song 'A little Time'. Something you may want to take away from this story of success is the fact that the group was together for almost 20 years, working harder and harder to achieve success. Doing well in the music industry is no easy feat and is a direct product of hard work, enthusiasm and passion for your instrument and lots of practice!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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